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Béatrice Tozzi, an artist always in search of light

Before the family home of Solaro, Béatrice Tozzi, can be inspired by the peace and quiet of the village. (Photos J.D.)

At the last meeting of Solaro artists Village, Béatrice Tozzi resided in the family house and it is 'child' of the village that she has exhibited his latest works. The young woman is involved since 2003 in this cultural event. Sensitive and modest, she is touched to each new edition to meet an audience genuinely interested in his portrait work. "Since childhood, I draw. I use an uncommon method, the ballpoint, which also begins to be recognized in the artistic environment, because it allows gradients ranging from light grey to dark grey,"she explains.

This artist has received the gift of the drawing in legacy. "My father has achieved in his life some beautiful sketches and my uncle Peter gave amazing drawings while he was still in primary school. I found class, music, decorated notebooks to ink China and sketches of sailboats which are of a very high intensity. "Unfortunately, this talent could prove because the young man died at the age of 18 years.

The art of the portrait...

Béatrice Tozzi first attended the Collège Saint-Joseph de Bastia, where she had for Professor Annie Cardi, who gave him a wider vision of the world of the artist and wants to continue in this way. After a Bac A3 letters and Art, she continued her studies at the University of Corte, in section Plastic Arts from 1994 to 2002, and she gets at the end of studies a master aesthetics and art sciences. Then, in 2008, a PhD at the University of Paris VIII and the Capes of Arts plastics. In the meantime, she loves to paint. "I prefer the portraits, it is most interesting to manage light. I particularly like the chiaroscuro. I work from photographs that have lighting, but I also realize imagined portraits. »

Fascinated by the Amerindian cultures, his quest for light translates vivid portraits of the people whom she knows well the history and wisdom. It does not however forget drawing and his island with compositions in the form of Corsica which reflect the themes of the island culture. In a few days, Béatrice Tozzi will join the college of Mouans-Sartoux near Cannes, where she teaches as Professor in Fine Arts. But if she reluctantly leaves his village and his family, his works remain still visible in exhibitions in Bastia, or Collect Gallery ' Art de Corte.

Jean Dealma

Corsica morning August 29, 2011

Corsica morning August 13, 2010

Solaro: artists and artisans exhibit their talents for three days

Not less than 28 exhibitors participate from today and until Sunday next to the 19th edition of "Solaro artists village.(Photo J.D.)

The artists painters, sculptors and craftsmen (pottery, Cutler, or glass, among others) from any Corsica have visit today to the village of Solaro. Organized every year by the municipality and the association «U Sulaghju», the «Solaro artists village» event takes place indeed for three days, until next Sunday.
The 19th edition of this exhibition and sale original and friendly home to no less than 28 artists (*) in the premises of the Town Hall. "This cultural event, always surprised by the quality and diversity of the works presented and each year attracts a growing audience," said Jean-Baptiste Paoli, the Mayor of the village. We are pleased to note that local, but also from artists of other micro-regions or very different artistic worlds, come in our village exhibit their works. It is indeed thanks to them that the event lasts for 19 years already. »

Raffle and animations for children
Alongside the organizers Annick Andréani, Sandrine Mondary, Karine Matsaeff and Patrice Clerget, the municipality also offers, as always, animations for children on the sidelines of the exhibition. The traditional Carnival in August 15, but also walks to bumps are for example provided.
Note, on the other hand, the beautiful poster of this 2010 edition is a reproduction of a work by Denise Antonini, painter native of Ventiseri, who is also presents among the exhibitors. The original painting will be offered to the winner of the raffle draw. Three beautiful days that so animate the village and will allow artists to discover once again their sensitivity and their talent.

(*) The artists: Denise Antonini, Elisabeth Asselin, Jean-Marie Campana, Patrice Chiang, Jean-François Comiti, Edouard Damiano, Chantal Delanaux, Frederic Federzoni, Michelle Fontana, Robert Forns, Jean-Claude Garsaball, Daniel Gualandi, Paul Mariani, Monique Martin, Maurice Martinez, Karine Matsaeff, Joachim Mayor, Sandrine Mdirector, Alain Moreau, Josiane Ogier, Paula Orsini, Marie-Jeanne Paoli, Lucette Pons Mirande, Anurag, Giovannina Ricci, Béatrice Tozzi, Juliette Trani, François Vincensini.

Jean Dealma

Corsica morning August 13, 2010

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